Group Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

疗法全天周六集团:3月7日 - 5月23日全



社交焦虑manbetx客户端苹果manbetx客户端苹果学院于1994年9月开始对社会焦虑症的认知行为群体治疗方法。第一批团体在傍晚举行了两个半小时。一半的时间是在认知问题和理解上度过,另一半在执行 - 实际上正在做 - 我们在认知会议中学的学习。

所以,在里面behavioralsession, for example, we worked on developing more self-esteem by realizing we were just as good as anyone else, and we employed the use of role plays to physically act out situations in which we would stand up for ourselves -- and then learn to feel good about it afterwards.

In 1999, as Dr. Richards realized we needed more time for a faster resolution to overcoming social anxiety, we shifted to theall-day Saturday group。We also employed the audio series, which by then had become available, and expected participants to have gone over the weekly cognitive material.



The local Phoenix CBT group is a friendly, active,结构化的可以改变你的生活的小组。我们唯一的目标是学习越过社交焦虑。认知行为群治疗已被证明是最有效的,达到这一目标并提供长期永久性变化。我们使用渐变(一步一步)的方法(a)限制焦虑,(b)允许进展成为永久性。这最好地实现了结构化的组设置。我们处理尽可能大的平静和和平的疗程。


一个新的团体不超过八(8)名成员动机and ready to overcome social anxiety. New group members will be using mindful cognitive methods and strategies using the audio/video therapy series,克服社会焦虑:一步一步。通过使用该系列,您收到了daily加强我们在集团中所做的事情。





We can only work with自我激励人。除非他们自己,否则我们不能接受人参加。这意味着A.愿意and活性组的参与者。


The group will discuss evening activities and/or weekend activities, but it will not be every night, and we need to leave Friday night open to relax and get a good night's sleep before the Saturday session begins. Meeting with other group members outside of the Saturday sessions helps you make friends, have fun, and begin to use the strategies. Working regularly with a therapy “buddy” and eventually participating in the behavioral experiments is all an essential part of the program.

我们问你签订合同陈述你理解并将遵守治疗,因为我们只想与将与将变得更好的积极性的人合作。再次,您需要每天在此程序上工作,每周7天,如您所知,如果您开始该系列。一切都在帮助你使用the solutions in the program to get better and feel less anxious. Visiting with Dr. Richards when necessary is very helpful, and costs can be adjusted if necessary.

Please apply for the group if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. 必须尽可能完全填写新申请。请不要提交简单或简短的答案。

  2. 您需要保证您将在本集团实际开始之前通过第四(4)时工作。

  3. Two (2) individual sessions with Dr. Richards are needed before before the group starts. The first is a diagnostic session. In the second appointment we talk about everything the group does, both cognitively and behaviorally, so you will have no surprises. Please schedule appropriately: No more than one appointment per week, and do not plan last week or last minute appointments. You can make appointments through the office at 602.230.7316

  4. Please do NOT move here until you are formally accepted into the group. You must tell us where (location) you’re planning on living so we can give you general advice and make sure you are living a reasonable driving distance from SAI. We want to prevent problems that have existed in the past and hinder people from overcoming social anxiety.


由于我们慢慢地移动,一步一步,轻轻地指导你完成每个步骤,并且自从你将拥有dailyhelp and support, making progress is not difficult.

我们直接位于高速公路的北部循环(101),并进入研究所很容易。您可以确切地映射我们所在的位置:居住在城市的另一端 - 这可能是100英里之外 - 将禁止您参加该计划,所以如果你正在进行中,这是一个明智的词。

Our groups consist only of people with social anxiety。组是友好和高度的治疗。Working together with other people like you adds a tremendous amount of proactivity to the program. You will always have the encouragement and support of Dr. Richards and staff. Plus, you will always be surrounded by your group members who will help you when needed just as you will help them. Your decision to actively and persistently work on overcoming social anxiety will change your life.

第一组会议涵盖在线治疗系列中的会话#1-4,足球投注appmanbetx“克服社会焦虑:一步一步”。这是我perative people be conversant with the therapy and have a good understanding of it. Having this cognitive understanding and knowledge will allow you to make more efficient and faster progress in the group.



What is CBT?


适合社交焦虑的CBT并不困难,本身并不困难。但是,该计划将强调克服这种疾病所需的持久性。您必须有动力,愿意改变CBT工作。在治疗中,我们致力于理性,永久性的大脑neural pathways, to include the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions, and behaviors. The brain can only process new thoughts and beliefs with在一段时间内重新重复合理信息。这里的关键词是重复and一致性


Group members are always relieved to find an entire group of people who have social anxiety just like they do. The realization that you are不是一个人是非常激励的。人们很快就适合本集团,比他们期望的速度更快地制作熟人和朋友。

The Local Phoenix Group is held on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to about 3:00 PM. During the last few minutes, the group plans the events for the week night activities based on what you want to do, and your schedules. Later on, you can plan what you want to work on that will help you overcome social anxiety (e.g., shopping center experiments, etc.)我们认为两(2)个十二周的团体是克服社交焦虑所需的最低出席。每个人都不同,但一十二周的小组将提供您可以感受到的帮助(量化),但它会notbe enough to "overcome" social anxiety (i.e., make a permanent change). Instead, you will want to继续取得进步。继续与您的朋友在集团中 - 重复和加强 - 此时对您有意义。

All groups are open and friendly. Only people with social anxiety are members. We will move along in an easy, step by step manner, with no pressure being put on you. You do not need to say or do anything until you feel ready to participate. It is much easier to participate in the group than you think. We do not want you to have or to reinforce anxiety. We will come at the problem completely differently than you've ever done before. We will take one little step a time -- one that will cause only the smallest amount of nervousness -- and gradually move up from there. The small, or incremental, steps help you make forward progress much faster than you think.


约定 费用
诊断预约(第一次约会) $ 150.00
Individual Appointments (all other appointments) $ 150.00






However, you can file your own insurance using your insurance company's claim forms. Dr. Richards will sign and date your form, and supply relevant coding data, according to existing law. Dr. Richards is a licensed psychologist (Ph.D.) and is board certified.

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