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  As is portrayed in the picture, a boiling hotpot contains various forms of both domestic and alien cultures. The hodgepodge could be categorized as a mixture of literature, moral values and performing arts. It reveals to us that our modern culture is complicated and diverse。


  Passage four(preface)

  I cannot help relating this picture to reality and wondering why this happened in reality. For one thing, the globalization has made it possible that the cultures from all over the world can meet and mix together and we can enjoy the benefits of alien cultures without going abroad.  For another, the harmonious coexistence between the traditions and modern cultures gives us a rich identity and spiritual wealth. What is right attitude we should take toward the phenomenon? First of all, we should get lost in face of the diverse cultures and values. We must remember we must preserve our own national and local cultures in which we take root. Secondly, in the mixture of cultures and values we must learn to distinguish the good from the harmful. We should absorb the nutritious good cultures and values but at the same time we must defend ourselves against the danger of being polluted by the bad cultures and values。


  Science is a dominant theme in our culture. Since it touches almost every facet of our life, educated people need at least some acquaintance with its structure and operation. They should also have an understanding of the subculture in which scientists live and the kinds of people they are. An understanding of general characteristics of science as well as specific scientific concepts is easier to attain if one knows something about the things that excite and frustrate the scientist。



  This book is written for the intelligent student or lay person whose acquaintance with science is superficial; for the person who has been presented with science as a musty storehouse of dried facts; for the person who sees the chief objective of science as the production of gadgets; and for the person who views the scientists as some sort of magician. The book can be used to supplement a course in any science, to accompany any course that attempts to give an understanding of the modern world, or – independently of any course – simply to provide a better understanding of science. We hope this book will lead readers to a broader perspective on scientific attitudes and a more realistic view of what science is, who scientists are, and what they do. It will give them an awareness and understanding of the relationship between science and our culture and an appreciation of the roles science may play in our culture. In addition, readers may learn to appreciate the relationship between scientific views and some of the values and philosophies that are pervasive in our culture。

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  We have tried to present in this book an accurate and up-to-date picture of the scientific community and the people who populate it. That population has in recent years come to comprise more and more women. This increasing role of women in the scientific subculture is not an unique incident but, rather, part of the trend evident in all segments of society as more women enter traditionally male-dominated fields and make significant contributions. In discussing these changes and contribution, however, we are faced with a language that is implicitly sexist, one that uses male nouns or pronouns in referring to unspecified individuals. To offset this built-in bias, we have adopted the policy of using plural nouns and pronouns whenever possible and, when absolutely necessary, alternating he and she. This policy is far form being ideal, but it is at least an acknowledgment of the inadequacy of our language in treating half of the human race equally。



  We have also tried to make the book entertaining as well as informative. Our approach is usually informal. We feel, as do many other scientists, that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. As the reader may observe, we see science as a delightful pastime rather than as a grim and dreary way to earn a living。

  January 8, 2010

  1.       According to the passage, ‘scientific subculture’ means

  To whom it may concern,

  [A] cultural groups that are formed by scientists。

  The Conference of International Integration will be held next month in Beijing in xx University. The Postgraduate’s Association has set a preparation committee to organize this

  [B] people whose knowledge of science is very limited。

  conference. Therefore, we are in need of volunteers to help us organize the relevant affairs of the conference, including reception, distribution of documents, technical support, etc. Students who have previous experience as volunteers are preferred. Basic knowledge in computer, fluent oral English and an amicable personality are some of the qualities we desire. Volunteers shall be available for at least 3 days during the conference. No excuses of absence will be accepted once you are one of our volunteers. If you are interested in this job and are willing to have a whole new experience in this semester. Please do not hesitate to send your resume toxxx@hotmail.com">xxx@hotmail.com. Thank you。

  [C] the scientific community。

Postgraduate’s Association

  [D] people who make good contribution to science。


  2.       We need to know something about the structure and operation of science because


  [A] it is not easy to understand the things that excite and frustrate scientists。

新濠7158官网 1

  [B] Science affects almost every aspect of our life。


  [C] Scientists live in a specific subculture。


  [D] It is easier to understand general characteristics of science。


  3.       The book mentioned in this passage is written for readers who


  [A] are intelligent college students and lay person who do not know much about science。


  [B] are good at producing various gadgets。

  The picture showed us a boiling hotpot of various forms of both domestic and alien culture. The hodgepodge could be categorized as literature, moral values and performing arts. As far as I am concerned, the picture characterizes the status quo of Chinese society in which Chinese and Western culture conflict with each other but also merge into a unique form to a certain degree. In the highly-integrated world today, no country is an isolated island. Every nation is faced with miscellaneous alien culture, roaring to overwhelm the domestic cultureand China is no exception. However, it does not mean the foreign culture shall be eliminated or eradicated. It is up to the option of the tasters of hotpot, or in other words, the Chinese people to exact the essence of this combination, be it Chinese or Western, and to take full advantage of the world has in store for us。

  [C] work in a storehouse of dried facts。


  [D] want to have a superficial understanding of science。

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  4.       According to this passage,


  [A] English is a sexist language。

  [B] only in the scientific world is the role of women increasing rapidly。

  [C] women are making significant contributions to eliminating the inadequacy of our language。

  [D] male nouns or pronouns should not be used to refer to scientists。

  5.       This passage most probably is

  [A] a book review。

  [B] the preface of a book。

  [C] the postscript of a book。

  [D]新濠7158官网, the concluding part of a book。

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